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Cognizant secret way of firing freshers in recession | HR threatening freshers | Know Why- Cognizant News Updates

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Cognizant is not doing good with the students

Many students have reported that cognizant made them work for free as a name internship and they were made to work on their projects, then also student worked day and night so that they can get a PPO but cognizant betrayed them by taking another round of interviews, then also innocent freshers did not ask a single question they prepared for it but again cognizant betrayed them by just taking interview as a formality and fired 50% of the interns and now these interns have no option left with them.

They Are Firing students in an indirect way.

Several news is popping up over the internet and many candidates are posting on LinkedIn and platforms that Cognizant has either forgotten them after giving offer letters or Cognizant is firing fresher candidates after giving them training due to cost-cutting. Many freshers are suffering due to it . 
Linkedin post where the candidate says Cognizant didnt give him the job after giving offer leeter. He kept contacting cognizant for 6 months but nothing happened. 

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