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Google India fired Software Engineers | Google News Update

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Google India hasn’t revealed any official details about the layoffs yet. However, many impacted employees have taken to LinkedIn to announce that they have been impacted by the layoffs.

In Short

  • Google begins laying off employees in India.
  • Google reportedly fired 400 plus employees in India.
  • Sundar Pichai took full responsibility for the layoffs.

Software engineer fired by Google India says she doesn’t have words to explain her feelings

Google has started firing Indian employees across all offices in the country. Although Google hasn’t revealed any official details about the layoffs yet, many impacted employees have taken to LinkedIn to announce that they have been impacted by the layoffs. Reports suggest that more than 400 Google employees in India have been impacted by the layoffs.

Among the 400-plus employees, is a software engineer working out of Bengaluru, who also took to LinkedIn to reveal that she has been laid off. The impacted employee said that she didn’t have work to explain her feelings. Furthermore, the former Google employee noted that she is looking for a new role in the “Data Architect, Solution Architect, Data Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Tech lead fields.”

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“It took me some time to digest the fact that I am impacted by the Google layoff in India. It was amazing to spend the last 20 months at Google. I got the opportunity to work with so many talented people. I don’t have many words to explain my current feelings. Till the day before yesterday I was a proud Googler,” she wrote in the post.

Google hasn’t yet revealed any information on the severance package that the impacted Indian employees will get. However, the company has confirmed the benefits and severance that US-based employees will get.

Sunder Pichai Said…..

CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed that in the US, it will pay employees for the full notification period (minimum 60 days), a severance package starting at 16 weeks’ salary plus two weeks for every additional year at Google, accelerate at least 16 weeks of GSU vesting, pay 2022 bonuses and remaining vacation time, and 6 months of healthcare, job placement services, and immigration support. It is safe to assume that, in India too, the severance package will include similar benefits. Notably, neither Google nor any of the employees have revealed details of severance for Indian employees.

At the time of announcing the layoffs last month, Pichai took full responsibility for the layoffs and blamed macroeconomic conditions. The Google CEO also said that the tech company overhired during the pandemic. “Over the past two years, we’ve seen periods of dramatic growth. To match and fuel that growth, we hired for a different economic reality than the one we face today,” he wrote in the email sent to Googlers last month

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