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Twitter layoffs continue: More employees fired by Elon Musk after shutting India offices-Twitter News Updates

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Headline:- Twitter layoffs continue: A new set of people have been given pink slips and asked to leave Twitter in the Sales and Marketing teams.

In Short

  • Twitter layoff continues as a new set of employees have been given pink slips.
  • Twitter recently closed two India offices and asked employees to work from home.
  • Over 200 employees in India were recently fired by Twitter.

Twitter seems to be on a layoff spree. The tech company has been firing employees across departments since November last year and it is still removing people on a big scale. Twitter has now sacked a bunch of more employees in Sales and other teams, people who are familiar with the matter told The Information website. Here is everything we know about how the tech giant has been cutting costs by taking different measures.

Twitter cuts more jobs in February 2023

Last week, a new set of people were reportedly given pink slips and asked to leave Twitter in the Sales and Marketing teams. While the details about the exact number of employees who have been impacted by the latest round of layoffs at Twitter is unknown, the cited source says that the social media giant had about 800 people in sales and marketing teams in January 2023. It is also unclear how many employees have been laid off in the Indian region.

Just a few days back, Twitter shut down two of its three India offices and asked the employees to work from home, which is another measure to save costs. Several people have also been laid off in the past few months. Last year, Twitter handed over termination letters to as many as 200 employees in India. The company has so far done layoffs in global regions to save costs and generate better revenue.

Other measures Twitter took to cut expenses, and generate more revenue

Twitter has also been taking other measures to recover costs and reduce debts of the social media platform, according to several reports. The micro-blogging platform introduced the Twitter Blue subscription, which covers a few major features and forces a lot of people to buy it in order to access those benefits. In India, the cost of Twitter Blue for iOS users is Rs 999. The company also plans to roll out the subscription for Android users in India and the price will start from Rs 900.

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Apart from this, Elon Musk also removed the additional important perks that Twitter employees used to get. These include allowances for wellness, free home internet, daycare, and more. Back in November 2022, the social media company told employees that “Allowances will be reevaluated over time and may be added back when the company’s financial situation improves.”

As part of his aim to cut extra expenses, Elon Musk also removed the free lunch benefits for employees, a perk that many people used to get at the company. The Billionaire said on Twitter that the social media company spends about $13 million per year on food service for those who are based in San Francisco. This is around Rs 1 billion in India when converted. Musk has previously claimed that the cost per lunch is about $400 million (around Rs 32,000) for 12 months. The cost per lunch sounds pretty unrealistic, but he claims that he is stating the facts.

Biggest 2023 layoffs by tech companies

Amazon announced the layoff of 18,000 employees earlier this year, whereas Google revealed that it will be terminating 12,000 people. Microsoft also made it official that 11,000 employees will be laid off gradually.

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