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Infosys founder Narayan Murthy warns young employees against moonlighting-Infosys News Updates

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Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy warned against moonlighting while speaking at the Asia Economic Dialogue this week. He also suggested young employees choose work from the office over work-from-home culture.

In Short

  • NR Narayana Murthy warned against moonlighting.
  • Murthy asked younger employees to work from the office.
  • Infosys has been against moonlighting since the very beginning.

Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy warned against moonlighting while speaking at the Asia Economic Dialogue organized by the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi this week. Murthy also suggested young employees opt for work-from-office culture over working from home.

Sending out a message to young employees, Murthy said that youngsters should not get involved in moonlighting or entertain work-from-home culture. Instead, they should work from the office. He encouraged the younger generation to ensure that ethics and laziness are given special focus. “My fervent desire and humble desire to youngsters is please don’t fall into this trap of I will moonlight, I will do work from home, I will come to office three days in a week,” Murthy said during the recent event.

To recall, Infosys from the very beginning has been against employees moonlighting. The company even fired a bunch of employees for practicing moonlighting a couple of months ago. However, the IT company recently announced measures to make things easier for employees who want to earn extra money. It wants employees to take the firm’s permission before being a part of a freelancing gig. “Any employee, who wishes to take up gig work, may do so, with the prior consent of their manager and BP-HR, and in their personal time, for establishments that do not compete with Infosys or Infosys’ clients,” Infosys noted in one of the emails it sent to employees. The moonlighting topic has been buzzing in the corporate space for a long time and most tech companies have only been against the concept.

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The Infosys founder during the recently hosted event also said that India needs a culture of honesty where there is no favoritism. Murthy also added that India needs quicker decision-making and hassle-less transactions to prosper. “We need to build a culture of quick decision making, quick implementation, hassle-less transactions, honesty in transactions, no favoritism,” he said.

Murthy believes that currently only a small bunch of people who work hard, are honest, and have good work ethics and discipline in the country. He also shared an example of China and noted that China, despite being the same size as India in the late 1940s, has managed to grow to be 6 times the size of India because of the culture it has imbibed.

During the same event, the Infosys founder shared his experience of setting up a facility in Shanghai in 2006. He recalled that the mayor of the Chinese city allocated 25-acre land just a day after it was selected. Murthy said that India still lacks this pace and also includes corruption at lower levels. “If we want the business people to stay only in India and do everything in India, I think they will be very happy to do that. All that we are respectfully requesting is that quick decisions must be taken, they must be implemented quickly and they should be no harassment, no unnecessary hurdle,” he noted.

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