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How To Make an Interactive Resume Or CV || Interview tips and tricks

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How to Write a Professional Resume/ How to Write an Effective
Resume/How to write Stand out Resume

Introduction to Resume:-

What is Resume? A resume is a Written Compilation of all our details such as
–Qualifications/Educations, Work Experiences,
Achievements/Accomplishments, Key Skills, Areas of interest, Hobbies, Contact
information(Your contact number and Email id must be included), Personal
details (Name, DOB, Address, Gender, Nationality, Language you have known)
as well. My resume is an overview of all our comprised details. In your Resume, you can
itemize your credentials as you want to structure them according to a particular job.
A resume is a basic necessity for applying for any job. You can stand out in the employer’s sight only if you have an effective resume.

How to structure your Resume/How to List your Resume:-

1.Format and Layout

The layout of your resume should be simple and interactive and the format of your
resume should be in word/pdf.

2.Contact Information

You should put your contact details (contact number and email id) at the top of
the resume. In Case an employer shortlists your resume from the crowd then
he/she can find your contact details from the top of your resume and contact
you easily in a short period of time.

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You should have to put a decent, clear photograph on the top of your resume.
It gives a good impression on your resume.


A summary is a short and summarizes paragraph of all your skills and work
experiences in which you can highlight your preferable key skills and area of
interest. It gives an idea to the recruiter about job seekers’ expertise.


You should have to spot/highlight those skills in which you are an expert and
these skills must be related to the job description.
For Example-Communication skills, Leadership, Technical skills, Problem-solving skills, time management skills, ability to do work under pressure, Co-
ordination skills, as well. You can use these skills in your resume. It gives a
good impression.
Note-Computer skills such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint
presentation, MS Office. These skills are very common and most people
are known these. It would be better if you don’t include these skills in your

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6.Project/Work Experience

You should have to put your project/work experience after key skills. it would
be something related to that job description for which you are applying.
Because your relevant work experience can stand out from the crowd.
It is better to structure your Qualifications in a tabular form. It would be easy
for recruiters to read that information in a short period of time. It would be
preferable if you first list your highest qualification and then list in decreasing


You should have to list your achievements after key skills.
For example, if you are a fresher then you can enlist your achievements which
you have taken in college time such as You participated in an activity
organized by the college department and your role as a coordinator, scholarships
you gained, awards you have won, the good percentage in bachelors/Masters you
achieved, how many campus placements you have taken, you worked in a
a seminar like as a leader, if you worked part-time during college time then you
can mention this also.

If you are an experienced professional then enlist your achievements related to
job description like as- awards you have won in previous companies,
completed tasks on time, how many promotions you gained, salary hike you
have taken, and as well.
Note-If you have achieved something in school time then it would be better if
you don’t mention it in your resume.


For Example- Self-confidence, Patience, Long tempered quick learner, ready to
take challenges, and many more. You can enlist these types of strengths in your
Your hobbies are related to anything else but remember one thing mention your
hobby-related that a particular job. Because if your hobby is volleyball then
how volleyball is something related to any job.


Your References includes personal details like job title/designation, Contact
no., Address, email address, and as well. You should give references to your
mentor, coaches, faculty, working professionals, batch mates, co-workers,
etc. who can recommend you for employment. Your references must be aware
that he/she can receive a call anytime from the company about you.

12.Personal Details

Mention all your personal details(Address, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality,
Marital status and languages you have known) in the last of your resume.if
recruiters shortlist your resume then he/she can contact you in a short period
of time.


My resume is a complete overview of all your qualifications and work experiences.
It gives an idea to the recruiters from which education background you belong. You have to use a simple layout for your resume and keep in a format
like word and pdf. You should keep your resume short and to the point.

Write a short paragraph of your work experiences and projects instead of using
an objective. Use simple and attractive words to optimize your content and
highlight your key skills Enlist your achievements properly according to the
requirement of a particular job that you have achieved in previous
organizations/college. The bulk of your resume show focuses on your key skills
and work experiences. Put your highest education first and then list others.
You have to be aware of these common mistakes done by professionals such as
a listing of irrelevant experiences and key skills, it gives a bad impact. Today’s
professionals more focus on work experiences and key skills.

Interview tips and tricks

If you are going for an interview. you should keep in mind some important tips and tricks to crack the interview, and you should be prepared for the interview, keep in mind that the first expression is the last expression, if you made a mistake at the starting of the interview, The result of your small mistake can make you unsuccessful in the interview. Therefore I would like to say you that before going for an interview, you should be prepared for all frequently asked questions, which you can find and practice all frequently questions.

1. Be on time.

2. Greetings The Interviewer with handshake firmly.

3. smiling face and Keep calm.

4. Don’t show up empty-handed and Be apart from the rest.

5. Listen carefully then answer.

6. Speak openly with great confidence.

7. If not understand. Don’t panic. Ask for a question to be repeated or explained.

8. Your responses should be clear, relevant, and provide sufficient information.

9. Explain your skills and experiences in a positive manner.

10. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity with a smiling face

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