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TCS HR says ChatGPT and other generative AI tools will not replace jobs but be a co-worker – TCS News Update

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Headline:- TCS’s senior HR Milind Lakkad said in an interview that generative AI platforms, like ChatGPT, would improve productivity, but not change the business models.

In Short

  • Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT continue to get popular and there’s a fear it may replace jobs.
  • TCS says that AI will improve productivity and not change business models.
  • TCS is using generative AI in some pockets.

ChatGPT and Bing AI continue to get popular:-

Generative artificial intelligence-powered platforms like ChatGPT and Bing AI continue to get popular, but there’s a looming fear that such tools may pose a threat to some jobs in the future. In fact, some global companies, such as BuzzFeed Media have also announced that they would replace some jobs with ChatGPT, adding more to that fear. It will help the company to generate specific content for the site, including quizzes. However, the situation is not entirely grim and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) believes that platforms such as ChatGPT will create an “AI co-worker” and not replace jobs.

In an interview with the news agency PTI, Milind Lakkad, the chief human resources officer (CHRO) of TCS — the country’s largest IT firm with over 6 lakh employees, said that generative AI platforms would improve productivity, but not change the business models. The CHRO notes that jobs will not be replaced but the definitions will be changed.

The report quoting the senior executive states, “It (generative AI) will be a co-worker. It will be a co-worker and that co-worker will take time for them to understand the context of the customer … It’s (generative AI) a good thing to happen for the future, but I think it will be collaboration rather than replacement.”

On whether TCS is using such generative AI tools, Lakkad told the news agency that the company is using “such inputs in some pockets,” adding that a lot of the work will happen in these areas going forward and the entire picture will get clear only in two years.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also said something similar to generative on the sidelines of the launch of Bing AI – Microsoft’s own AI-powered chatbot similar to ChatGPT. In an interview with CNBC, Nadella said that AI work would create more “satisfaction in current jobs and net new jobs,” claiming that wages could also go up. He believes AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bing AI could create more jobs. In fact, Bing AI uses tech that also powers ChatGPT, created by OpenAI.

It is not uncommon for companies to use AI or AI-powered platforms for hiring. Amazon’s senior HR Deepti Varma told India today that her company already uses Alexa in some areas of hiring. The company also uses AI platforms to check on the well-being of workers. Varma also told India Today Tech that Amazon US is already experimenting with ‘no see hire’ to reduce the dependency on a recruiter.

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